Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I totally had a new post on here but I don't see it!  Thats a tad frustrating.

Not much is really going on at the moment - or not much I care to share with the world anyway.  Some things are just better left to myself.  I'm preparing for wrist fusion number 2.  Some people think that since I know what to expect it shouldn't be so difficult.  It's the exact opposite.  The recovery has been awful! I'm not looking forward to going through that again.  I had never experienced that amount or type of pain before. I guess having your bones scraped out, broken, turned around, and then having a large metal plate with 6 screws screwed into your hand and arm is quite painful and has a long recovery.  The post swelling was absolutely awful, and I was sure my skin was going to burst open.  I guess that's a plus to having EDS, our skin stretches well to accommodate things like that.  I had my pre-op physical yesterday and the EKG came back abnormal.  The doctor thinks it was a fluke and I shouldn't worry but if the other guy he sent it to disagrees then surgery is off.  EDS can cause heart issues so of course I'm worried, but my Echo 6 months ago came back perfectly fine, so I'm holding onto that right now as a sign that perhaps this was a fluke.

My nerves are getting the better of me.  When I get nervous I tend to ramble on and on and I get a little frantic.  I noticed yesterday I'm beginning to ramble (and you can tell in this post) and I'm trying to channel all of that into something constructive, like cleaning or playing with the kids, or even exercising.

The Bear is doing well.  He's beginning to thin out some.  He has a neck now!  He's rolling all over and trying to crawl without much success.  He has also begun sitting up for about 30 seconds at a time.  Each milestone with him is so bittersweet.  He's not our last child but he is one of the last.  We've spent so many years just having babies and now that our family is ALMOST complete we are cherishing each moment a little more than we have in the past.

Anastasia is doing awesome in soccer.  She loves playing!  She is learning more and more each day and is always so eager to help with the baby or learn something. We really do hope that one day we'll give her a sister but if she ends up being my only girl I'll be so grateful that I have her.  She really is an amazing daughter.

David is all eyes.  That boy is a charmer! He is so masculine looking already too.  Anthony and Charlie are both pretty boys, but David... he's as cute as a button but there is no denying he is a boy.  He has never been called a "her" like the other two have.  He acts like a total macho man too.  He loves to build guns (ugh!) and shoot everyone, he loves to climb, and boss the dog around, and beat up his sister.  But at the end of the day he's a total mama's boy.  He's always up for a cuddle and snuggle where he'll wrap his hands in my hair and lay his head on my shoulder.  He is truly one of those kids who is either making you want to rip your hair out in frustration or you just want to love and kiss on him - there is no in between with that child.

Anthony is going through a lot at the moment and I don't feel comfortable posting it for the world to see.  He's an amazingly gifted child and astounds me daily with the knowledge he accrues on his own.  Homeschooling is going... well it has it's moments.  We are going quite relaxed with him and teaching him fundamentals and then letting him guide his own way.  Trying to be too regimented with him was causing him to refuse to work.  By giving him the ideas and letting him process it his own way he is retaining so more more and working so much nicer.  He wants to try public school out again next year, but we are hesitant.  However, we told him it was always his decision, so we may be working towards that goal around Christmas to prepare him to reenter public school next fall.

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