Saturday, July 21, 2012

Staying busy!

For a long time now I've had dreams of starting my own cloth pad store, but I had no desire to do so by myself.  I've learned that I am someone who does not like to be alone or do things alone.  I have never really had the desire to eat or go to the movies by myself.  I relax and enjoy myself more in the company of others. So I've been holding off on the store as I figured out how to do it without feeling the overwhelming stress I feel when I am by myself.  After thinking on it for a while I contacted two friends of mine who are crafty and asked if they wanted to go into creating a store with me.  Except, I didn't want to create a store, I wanted to create a community.  I have always loved the small town feel, where everyone knows everyone, you know your customers, people help other people out, and things are hand made.  Even though we are based online I wanted to create that feeling.  And so we started Crunchy Cloth Creations.  I discovered I have a love of creating toys, and kids products in addition to cloth pads, and that I am not that fond of making clothes.  Which worked out perfectly as one of my partners loved making clothes, and the other loves making accessories, so we all meshed well together.  Unfortunately, one of the partners decided that a store just wasn't right for her and her family and stepped down.  There are no hard feelings there, everyone needs to put themselves and their families first.

It will be a while, now, before I can get the pads made up to sell, but it is coming! Meanwhile, I have a lot of plans in mind for the store.  We are trying to give back as much as possible as we go along, and have already donated a few Hooty's to kids in need.  As I continue to create for CCC, I'll be updating this blog as well with the inner workings and maybe some tutorials for the items we are creating.  As well as all the other crazy things I end up posting in here!

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