Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lapbooks, mini offices, and work boxes.

I recently discovered, on my homeschooling boards, the awesomeness of Lapbooks, mini offices, and work boxes.  I've been hard at work, or as hard at work as someone can with one arm, revamping our homeschooling setup to include these.  I have a huge stack of lapbooks and file folder games I'm planning to make once I have more lamination sheets, but already we've begun using quite a bit of them in our schooling.  The kids really seem to love it.

These are the workboxes.  Each subject of the day has a folder that corresponds.  Once the child has completed folder 1 they take the velcro one off the folder and adhere it to the front of their box.  It keeps them on task as well as myself, and it makes it more fun for them. The kids REALLY love this system.

Mini Offices are facts-at-a-glance reminders.  I made mine a little more interactive. (sorry the pictures are blurry, they were taken with my cell phone)

Anthony's mini-office
He has a cheat sheet for currency that includes the President, the amount its worth, and the image of it's front and back. He also has a US Map, a cheat cheat of the Continents and Oceans, a number chart, the numbers in Spanish, Gallon/pints/ect conversion, the seasonal order, the States Capitols and their Abbreviations, and an envelope to store his spelling words.
On this side he has the months of the year, the days of the week, punctuation rules, the sign language alphabet, how to write  book report (each part is velcroed so he can un-velcro when he completes it), The 5 "w"s, his colors in Spanish, the roman numerals, and his word wall words are in the envelope.

Anastasia's is very similar.

Hers has the right and left, alphabet sign language, number charts, the seasons, shapes, the ABC Blends, roman numerals.

On the other side it has her numbers which has a velcro piece with corresponding dots. 
It also has a color chart with more colored velcro pieces as well as a color sheet cheat.  It has the coins with their amount and the coins velcro one in the right spot. It has a cheat sheet for "family words".
It also has a money cheat chart, the days of the week and months of the year, and another number chart that shows place holders.

As far as lapbooks, we have a few going but I'm not going to take that many pictures.  Anthony is reading Stuart Little so he has that lap book right now.

Each chapter has a corresponding book.

And Anastasia is doing each letter of the alphabet.

And then, just because, Charlie after eating.

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