Saturday, January 15, 2011

Seems I'm always two steps behind

This should have been posted a while ago, but this is about the first time I've had to sit down and blog this week.

I don't like making resolutions, they seem to always fail. If you want to NOT do something just make a New Years Resolution TO do it. So I'm going to post a year in review, and what I hope to have happen this year.

2010 in review

January - Anastasia had her ears pierced, I had more MRI's and discovered the extent of the damage to my arms, we were buying the rest of the baby stuff, and after nursing for 3.5 years straight my daughter and my son weaned within a week of each other.

February - We bought our much needed family van. This is not the car of my dreams, but it will suffice until I can get my two year old Sienna. I was seeing my surgeon more regularly and it was suspected I had nerve damage. We lost $480 dollars that we still speak about and hope one day to find it in a cupboard somewhere. I hit 28 weeks in my pregnancy, a milestone I look forward to.

March - We got our family pictures done. We made the decision to homeschool Anthony and Anastasia. I attended the best concert of my life, Bon Jovi! I swear I will see him again in concert. It was one of the greatest days of my life. I had my EMG and it showed I had no nerve damage. I had more u/s with Dr. Barsoom. We decided to move David to a big boy bed, which didn't work (just this past week he finally has been sleeping in his own bed)

April - Chris and I celebrated six years of marriage. I started the Primal Diet (which I quit a few months later because I was having massive mood issues). I had more NSTs. Our puppy was born on April 19th. The best thing that happened was my youngest son Charles George also known as Charlie or Charlie Bear was born weighing 6 lbs 5.5 oz and was 19.5 inches at 8 am in the morning on the 29th.

May - We began homeschooling. We set the date for my first wrist fusion. I was visiting Jovi every few days.

June - I had surgery to fuse my left wrist forever taking away complete mobility.

July - David had his hernia surgery. Homeschooling was way under way. David celebrated his second birthday and I celebrated my 25th.

August - I got my cast off and switched to a brace on my left arm. Chris's mom came out to visit - our first visit in 5 years. I switched pain medications. Anthony turned 6 and Anastasia turned 4, and the three older kids had a shared birthday party.

September - David became stuck in our sub woofer. Anastasia was full underway as a "Bunny" on the "Bunnies" soccer team she played for. Chris turned 27.

October - I had surgery to forever fuse my right wrist completely destroying all mobility on that arm. Anastasia had her last soccer game. Charlie was a bear for halloween, Anthony a zebra, David a monkey, and Anastasia was elmo.

November - We had our good family friend over for Thanksgiving. I was still recovering from surgery and we began to toss around the idea of allowing Anthony another chance in public school. I had my cast removed from my right arm

December - I was allowed to remove my brace from my left arm. Chris's mom came out for another visit, and Charlie celebrated his first Christmas. This one was special because next year Chris will be TDY for the holidays.

Hopes for 2011

- I hope to get pregnant with Baby number 5!

- I hope to continue to manage my pain and heal

- I hope to continue trying daily to have a positive look out

- I hope to continue working out to strengthen my joints I have left.

- I hope to continue remember Quality over Quantity when it comes to time with my family.

- I hope to continue trying to make my marriage as strong as it can be, and to learn to forgive more easily

- I hope to learn to accept my past, and move towards the future and stop letting it weigh me down.

- I hope to teach my children respect, love, honesty, compassion, empathy, and how to give back to others.

- I hope to look for more positives than negatives in a situation.

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