Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 10 of 60/300

I think I'm getting sick. This is the worst time in the world to get sick. I've been having bouts of horrible nausea. I have to prep my house for a birthday party and get ready for a massive yard sale!

Today my friend Elaine came over to help me sort the kids clothes into bins for the yard sale. Four massive bins. I figure I'll sell them for .25 a piece or 10 pieces for $2. This is what my garage looks like as I prepare for the yard sale. This isn't all of what I'm selling. There is furniture and books still to be placed out in the garage.

Finally Open Door Mission got rid of our couches for us! W00t.. my garage is looking better, and after Sunday it will be down right clean!

These are the three bookshelves I've cleared and dusted - except for the tops which I'll do tomorrow. I still have one bookshelf to go and all the books to be returned to it.

And of course I feel down right gross.

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