Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 4 of 60/300

The past few days have been spent furiously decluttering and massively cleaning and the rest of my home has gone quite neglected. Today I played catch up and folded the 15 loads of laundry (a slight exaggeration but not by much) that had piled up, and cleaned the kitchen. I also had to create a cake for the Cub Scout Cake Auction tonight. I decided to do these cupcakes as I thought they looked cute and I I figured the kids would love them. I was originally going to make 2 boxes but one box yielded two dozen cupcakes and I didn't need to do the second box.

I used colored ice cream cones to make them look cuter.

And then I had to have my product testing team taste them for me. They were well received.

They were outside playing in the mud. Oh joy. Don't worry, they washed their hands prior to eating and then it was bath time!

My "cake" at the auction. I melted the frosting a little to make it look like melted icecream.

It sold for the max bid allowed - $20! All the money is going back to the troop to help with the costs for the remaining of the year and next year. This is the cake we purchased, also for $20.

obviously some people are better at decorating than me!

I volunteered to help out as much as I can next year. I'd love to be a Den Leader but with us PCSing in January/February I don't want to leave a Den hanging. I've been volunteered to help with the Blue and Gold ceremony as well as I'll be a Council Member and in charge of organizing the Camping events. I'll be quite busy next year with Soccer, Cub Scouts, and Girl Scouts all while Chris is gone. Which is why I need to get back to organizing my home tomorrow!!

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