Saturday, April 16, 2011

I've got the organization bug!

Having diagnosed OCD means that I get very anxious when my house is not the way I like it. Building a stockpile means that there is a lot of new items in my home and I'm itching to find a way to organize them! My good friend Kristina directed me towards this blog I Heart Organizing
which sounded totally up my alley. After finding that blog I also discovered Organized Home. I've been pouring over both blogs and have a lot of ideas swimming in my head. First thing I needed to do was take an inventory of all my items. I printed the template from Organized Home, a dozen labeled "Pantry Inventory" and two labeled "Freezer Inventory" (for my main freezer and my deep freezer. I laminated each of them (may I just say how much I LOVE my laminator!) so that I could just wipe them off instead of crossing out. I hate messy looking things and a bunch of crossed off items would drive me crazy. I then super glued magnetic strips on the upper corner for the Pantry lists, and on the back of the Freezer lists. The Pantry lists hold a Dry Erase Marker so that I can quickly jot down, or erase an item. The Freezer magnets hold it to the freezer and a marker hangs next to it. For my indoor lists I used Velcro to adhere them to my cabinets, and made it easy to remove them for easy writing. My garage lists hang by a nail, much like a calendar, and can be easily taken off. This is just one of my cabinets, my spice cabinet. I have my inventory on there and each dot is how many items of that spice I have. As you can see we have a lot of duplicates. I hope this cuts down on that. I've had similar lists in the past but they weren't erasable like this one and quickly became to difficult to keep up with.

My next project is the Family Binder! I'll be sure to update with pictures of my progress. I'm a little upset that we no longer have a colored printer - I'm not a fan of just black and white and my printed sheets won't be as pretty :(

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