Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 18!

I've slowed my productivity waaaay down. I have been feeling so run down since my sunburn happened. It's actually taken a lot out of me. I've also decreased my meds quite a bit and that is making my EDS feel much worse, which doesn't inspire me to get up and clean and purge. But - I am still trucking along. One project a day. I don't think I'll stay within my "300" part of my challenge, but will definitely complete this in 60 days. Even though we are leaving in three weeks for a week long vacation!

My friend Kim suggested labeling my diaper bins with luggage tags. What an amazingly simple idea! I had never thought of using luggage tags! I will definitely keep that in mind for future label ideas. I didn't have any luggage tags, however, so I had to pull out one of my favorite home items - Meet "Lenny" my Laminator. Yes, he is so amazing he deserves a name.
Chris bought me Lenny when we were homeschooling. He has helped me create Christmas presents, games for the kids, and LABELS!

I simply used Word and their "insert a shape" option and made myself 10 labels. I even "Chrisified" them.

Chris claims he can't remember that the smallest prefolds we have are Preemie sized (they are blue), and that the smalls are green, and that the largest we own are medium prefolds and they don't have a colored stitching. So, on the labels I put the color of the stitching on them. I called my Preemie prefolds "Newborn" but its the same thing. "Blue" is for the color of stitching. These were printed on colored cardstock, printed, laminated, cut out, and I used a hole punch and tied them on with yard.

Originally I was going to have some system for shapes/colors but sometimes I really need to let things just be so the placement was pretty random. I'm quite proud of myself because of that.

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