Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yard Sale

I know I've been slacking on posting. On Sunday, the day of the Yard Sale, I was dumb and forgetful and ended up with a wicked sunburn. The past few days have been spent feeling quite sick and trying to cool my skin. My face blistered all over, but its now beginning to heal a little bit. I'll have to post a picture of my skin soon!

The Yard Sale went well. I made about $100. I pretty much gave away a lot of things too. One lady forgot her money so I gave her a whole bin of girl clothes for free. Another couple had a baby 17 days prior. I think he was in the NICU. They wanted all three bins of boy clothes - about 6 bins worth because they were all overflowing. I told them $5. They were thrilled and that made my day more than making money. I know someone will get to wear the clothes that I have so many memories of. There was another lady whose daughter was the sweetest thing and she was very sweet too. She had just found out she was pregnant and was counting change to buy things. For about $3.50 they walked away with a bunch of baby stuff, the entire Rock Band set (game, 2 guitars, and the drumset plus 6 drumsticks - and not the cheap kind), and little house knick-knacks. Her daughter was so appreciative and stunned. Another pregnant lady bought my pack-n-play that came with all the accessories, two of my slings, and my body pillow for $20. I could have easily sold the slings online for at least $30 a piece but I'd rather make someones day than make money.

Some people took advantage of us, and they make me quite angry. I won't go into it - but they put a damper on an otherwise very nice day. What we didn't sell went to donation, and now I can get back to organizing!

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  1. Way to go! Why can't more people have that attitude? So over the worship of money.