Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day - Get back on track!

My house was destroyed this weekend as 13 little, adorable, children ran through it for two days. I have only half-heartedly tried to get it back in shape, but today I did a good portion of it. I figured we would clean for 45 minutes and thats what we did. Amazing what a little family can accomplish in 45 minutes.

This was what my garage sale money went to

This is the new bin for my diapers. All of my diapers, minus the pile I'm giving away to friends, fit in here! I was surprised! Chris doesn't like the set up as much because he can't easily see what he wants - but I was tired of seeing the diapers spilling out all of the time. The little basket on top was given to me at Anastasia's baby shower! It holds the diaper accessories, such as snappi's, pins, diaper cream, and baby powder. I have to have everything in order. It took me a long time to figure out a way to make the colors work. There is a pattern there.

Here's Chris helping me set up for the yard sale

And my sunburned face. It got much worse after this picture was taken. My whole face blistered up. After a full day with neosporin on my face it is beginning to heal and most of the blisters popped.

MAJOR raccoon eyes! See how messy this room is? It needs a good cleaning. This room is the scariest of them all.

And this is the man who makes it all work in our house. We've been married 7 years now!

And just to show the rest of them off....

The Bear




And.... Jovi!


  1. That's the same kind of thing I got to help organize toys in the girls' room. I attached luggage tags to the handles of the bins to label what's inside. Hope the sunburn gets better soon. I got really bad sun poisoning one year in FL and had to go to the dermatologist for some steroid cream to make it really get better- for months after it seemed healed, it would randomly turn bright red. Keep an eye on it until you know it is really better. Actually, it still does it sometimes after a hot shower in the places I got burned, but for the most part it's better - except for freckles in places I'd never had them before and would rather not.

  2. I was planning on making some labels today to state what was in each bin :)

    I had a really nasty sunburn across my chest a few years back. It still turns red after a shower sometimes. Being fare-skinned is no fair (haha). I put sunscreen on! Chris bought me SPF 110 so hopefully that works better.