Thursday, February 18, 2010

28 weeks!

Yesterday I had another doctors appt.  It seems like lately all I do is go to the doctors.  Baby Charlie is looking great.  He's still head down and engaged in my pelvis ready to go, but luckily there is no change to my cervix yet.  Doctor Schropp checked me, and verified his head is right there, but my cervix is still closed and thick.  I've been feeling massive amounts of pressure so he wants me to come back in two weeks just to keep an eye on things.  

I had asked him about the painkillers as I've had to take more and more them lately.  He wants to wait to see what the surgeon says before switching me. He's hoping, as I am, that the surgeon will want to do the surgery and I'll get off the pain meds here soon.  

I made a mistake at the beginning of my appointment.  After I was weighed (I'm up to 130 lbs now! That's a 17 lb weight gain thus far) I went to pee in the cup.  For the first time, in all my pregnancies, I forgot the cup.  I just peed in the toilet! Ooops! Eileen, the nurse, assured me it happens all the time.  After that I had to drink that nasty orange syrup which always makes my head spin and then had my blood drawn.  They wanted to do the Rhogam shot, but I refused.  I've never had it done before - both Chris and I are the same blood type (O-) so I see no reason to have the shot.  None of my children will ever have a blood type that isn't O-.

I'm really hoping to keep my weight under 145 lbs.  I delivered Anthony at 151 lbs, Anastasia at 147 lbs, and David at 145 lbs.  With Charlie being so low already I can't imagine I'll make it to my due date, I never have before.  Hopefully he stays put until after the surgery and I've healed a bit. Eight more weeks and they won't stop my labor any longer.  It's insane!


  1. Good to hear everything is going well. :) I bet you and Chris and your children are excited to see baby Charlie.

  2. I too refused the Rhogam shot. My husband and I are both A-. I have to remind the doctors every pregnancy that I don't have to have it. My doctor tried to argue with me this last time. He even went as far as having extra blood drawn for an antibody scan. But I still didn't get the shot!! BTW, I noticed in your signature that you had a blog so I checked it out :).