Sunday, February 7, 2010

And nesting has begun

Nesting has completely hit me full force.  I'm a very organized and anal person about cleaning anyway so I've never noticed nesting much with the other kids.  This time it's much more noticeable as I can't physically do as much and it's completely driving me bananas. Unfortunately the pain has increased dramatically over the past week and I've been forced to take my pain medication more often.  This has a horrible side affect of becoming less affective.  I plan to try to grin and bear it for the next few days to allow my body to readjust and then spend the latter part of the week cleaning when I can.  

I'm purging my childrens toys this week.  They have entirely too many, and its becoming a constant struggle to get them to keep them picked up.  I've threatened them with cleaning them out for years but its very difficult to deem what is expendable when we continue to have children that fit the age of the toy.  I've had it though.  Currently they have one massive toy box over flowing, three additional tubs full of toys, two toy shelves, a double sided easel, an art center, and a very abused kitchen set.  It's been a week now of asking them to clean up their toys, and them playing around and not doing it. So we are cutting the toys down to ONE toy box, the easel, and art center.  Everything else, including the kitchen set, is going to the consignment store, goodwill, or a yard sale.  It's not as tough as I thought to get rid of so much but it does upset me to see that much money go down the drain - or the state of certain toys that were not taken care of properly.  This is the reason why we request no birthday presents when we have a party.  My kids do not need more junk if they can't care for the stuff they currently have.

I've also been reorganizing my nine drawers of cloth diapers, and noting what I need to buy to replace some of the more used ones.  I love cloth diaper shopping and can't wait to buy some more.  I especially love my newborn/preemie fluff - it's amazing how tiny it is and that my baby will be here soon and be that tiny!

Chris sold his beloved CRX today and we are going to use that money to buy a few of the remaining items we need.  The diapers will come in spurts as we go along, but before Charlie is here we need a few more items.  I haven't had to buy much for any of our kids, and I really do enjoy getting a few items - it makes the pregnancy seem so much more real.  

Tomorrow I have my next (and hopefully last for a while) MRI.  This one is for my wrists.  I'm hoping that on the 24th the surgeon will want to move forward with the surgery as soon as possible.  Not being able to use my hands and right arm is driving me up the wall.  I want to be able to snuggle and love on Charlie after he is born, and right now I'm not sure how possible that will be.

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