Sunday, February 14, 2010

Baby stuff, stupid accident, and date night

Chris and I have used the envelope budgeting system from Dave Ramsey for many years now.  We love it, it's a great system, and I couldn't imagine not having a cash budget any more.  When Chris sold his CRX we decided to hold onto that cash for the next pay periods budget and to use what we would have in the account to buy the rest of the baby stuff.  Chris swears he tucked the $600 in the back of the envelopes.  Since I can't drive I haven't gone out with the envelopes in many many weeks and haven't touched them since he put the money in there.  Yesterday on the way to our date night I went to organize our envelopes (we have one for each of our gas, food, my spending money, clothes, gifts, misc, and fun) and there was only $120 tucked in the back.  We tore the house up looking for the money and it's no where to be found.  Chris thinks he accidentally pulled it out at Walmart and dropped it when we were there this past weekend.  If thats the case no good Samaritan turned it in, and we aren't holding our breaths.  So money is a little tight this paycheck but we'll make it through.  I shedded a few tears over it but it's over and done with and worrying about it won't make the money come back.

Prior to losing the money I ordered the rest of Charlies stuff - except the steamer I need to steam the placenta.  I ended up ordering 

- 3 babies carriers.  A new camo moby, a reversible Babyhawk with pockets and a toy ring, and an Organic Ergo (Haven't stopped thinking about the Ergo since Kim commented about it).

- Another dozen preemie prefolds.  We have a dozen already, about 6 fitteds, and a few AIO's but David went through the stash in a 1.5 days as a baby so we wanted to flesh it out a bit more.

- 3 newborn covers.  We have two already, but I'm selling my wool stash so I needed more covers to replace my wool.

- 5 small cubbie covers (we have about 10 small covers, but David and Charlie will be sharing and ours are getting worn down)

- 5 Medium Cubbie Covers (same senerio)

- 5 Medium Cubbies.  We have 2 full drawers full of medium diapers, but the cubbies are convenient for babysitters.

- 2 Miracle blankets

- 2 wombies blankets

- the pills for the placenta encapsulation

- and RLR to strip down my diapers

I'm so excited to start getting my packages.  I'll take pictures when they get here.

Last night Chris and I decided to still do our date night since Chris was really eager about it.  So we still went out a bit in low spirits because of the money situation.  We saw "Percy Jackson" which was a flipping ridiculous movie. It was just plain awful, but exactly what we needed to get us out of our funk.  We kind of cracked on it the whole time and by the end we were a bit happier.  Then Chris had made reservations at Sullivans.  I've never been to an upscale restaurant before and I was really nervous about it, but it was amazing.  There was valet parking, they checked your coats at the door, and we were asked if we wanted ice water or bottled water.  They were having a Valentines Day special where both parties could eat for $80 so we did that.  Each of us were able to chose an appetizer, an entree, a side dish, and a dessert.  They also brought out a huge freshly baked loaf of bread that was super delicious.  Both Chris and I got the Ceaser Salad, and then he got the ribeye and I got the NY Strip, he got a baked potato and I had broccoli, and then I had the most amazing chocolate covered strawberries and he had berries and chocolate moose.  The service was amazing and the food was the best I ever had.  It really made our awful evening a little bit better.


  1. Oh man, that sucks about the money. Sorry. Glad you had a nice night out though! Hope you love the Ergo, I couldn't live without mine.

  2. I LOVE our Ergo! I hope you do too! I can't wait to see some fluffy mail pics. :)