Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our new-to-us vehicle

Chris had off yesterday since he had to work on Saturday.  I figured I would get to sleep in since I haven't slept much lately.  No such luck.  After Chris got back from taking Anthony to school he woke me up and said that he found a car online and wanted us to go to the dealership to look at it.  So I got up, helped feed the two younger ones and get them ready, and then off to the dealership we went.  We basically just wanted a van that could fit everyone into it.  This is our "interim" van - one that we will drive until we have the money saved up for a new one with the bells and whistles I want.  There were two on the lot in our price range, but the slightly cheaper one didn't have power doors and with my arms that was a necessity.  The other was a blue 2003 Honda Odyssey.  There was some obvious cosmetic damage, a few dents in the hood, a few stains on the seats, but nothing terribly bad.  Chris noticed it needed new tires, the windshield had a crack in it, and as it has 92K miles on it that it would be needing a new timing belt soon.  We test drove it, and while it will take some getting used to as it drives no where near as smooth as our Trailblazer, the drive wasn't bad.  

Then it came time to negotiate.  My husband is horrible at negotiating.  He just doesn't do it!  The last two cars we've bought he's just paid full price no questions asked.  I told him that this wasn't my dream car and I had no issues walking away from it if certain conditions weren't met.  I was doing fine negotiating on my own, but Chris messed it up a few times by offering a price too high, or allowing the dealer to know we had more room to go.  In the end we made "okay", not as a good as I would have liked but better than we have in the past.  All the tires are getting replaced, the timing belt and water pump systems are being replaced, and so is the windshield.  We take the van back in on Thursday to have it all repaired.


  1. Yay! One more thing down, you're getting all set for Charlie!