Thursday, March 4, 2010

dieting, becoming a big boy

Chris has put on a fair bit of weight since I met him.  This isn't a bad thing, he was way too underweight when we first got together.  He weighed between 115 and 120 lbs when we first began courting.  Now, 7+ years later he weighs in at 164 lbs.  While I think he looks great, he thinks there is room for improvement.  And he is right, he could stand to drop a few lbs but he doesn't look overweight in the least bit.  A lot of his weight gain is muscle as he habitually works out 5 or more days a week, but there are parts that are not quite toned to his liking.  I know how it feels to hate your body and not have it work/function/look the way you want it too, so I told him whatever he needed to feel good about himself I would be on board.  The base runs an annual Biggest Loser contest so he and a few friends joined up as a team.  He completely cut out sweets, pop, and junk food and upped his work out to 6 days-no excuses whatsoever.  Even on the days he flies he wakes up at 3 am to get to the gym and work out.  He's allowing himself one cheat day per pay period - his first is coming up on the 13th.  He is also looking at joining the Cross-fit gym up in Omaha.  Even though he has free access to the base gym he really likes the Cross-fit workouts.  He's already lost 5-6 lbs and is now down to 158/159 lbs.  Yesterday we had an appointment late in the afternoon and normally we'd just go out to eat when this happens.  I was very proud that Chris didn't, he came home and made a delicious stir-fry that was chock full of really healthy veggies.  His goal weight is 132 lbs which would put him at 10% body fat.  I think 132 lbs would look great on him :)

With surgery, hopefully, on the horizon Chris and I decided it was time to buy David his own bed.  I don't expect he'll sleep in it much, but this way he has his own space where we can lay him while I'm recuperating.  We bought him a twin mattress that we'll just lay on our bedroom floor for now, and when he's ready we'll buy Anthony and him a bunk bed set to go in the boys room.  I don't want him feeling as if we kicked him out of our bed, so we are doing this slow and at his own pace.  Even most nights Anastasia still comes into our room to sleep - although now she likes to sleep on the rocker recliner we have set up in there. 

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