Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I just got back from my EMG appt.  It went pretty well.  The doctor was incredibly friendly and had the best bed side manner I've ever experienced.  After being poked by needles (ouch!), and electrocuted the test showed that there is no permanent nerve damage.  What is happening is the damage in my right elbow is compressing the "funny bone" nerve which is causing my two fingers to burn - it's as if I'm hitting my funny bone every time I use my arm.  

He spoke very highly of the surgeon which makes me feel better.  

He also said he's seen so many EDS patients over the years and he can always tell them just by the way their skin feels.  He said my skin feels exactly like every other EDS patient - it's very smooth and velvety feeling.  Chris said he always thought my skin felt smooth and soft, and now we know why.

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