Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nesting hardcore

The nesting urge has become so fierce I'm actually dreaming of it at night.  I'm mentally cleaning my house, organizing things, and purging what needs to go.  It's been very very frustrating for me because my arms don't allow me to do much at all - so mentally I'm rearranging things but physically I have to wait till I take a painkiller or until Chris will do it for me.  This homeschooling thing has been wonderful for this.  I've been able to channel my insane urge to organize into getting everything ready.  Once the rest of my supplies are in I'll be posting pictures of just how crazy I am.  I hope to have 10 weeks worth of lesson plans planned prior to Charlies birth so that when Chris needs to take over he can do so without a hiccup.  

Chris thinks I'm insane of course.  And I am.  I know this.  My house is full of labels.  My kitchen cupboards are labeled with what is on the inside (even though a few children have ripped off a few labels), my pantry has labeled shelves for what is supposed to go on them, my kids drawers are labeled with the the appropriate clothes (in Charlies case it's labeled by size).  There is specific way I have my medicines organized, the clothes organized, ect.... It drives Chris crazy, but he puts up with it.  To an extent.  Even though the shelves are labeled he's still really great at not reading the labels and will ask me where the rice is (uh..hun? It's on the shelf labeled "rice").  For most of our relationship I've let it slide, my insanity shouldn't be pushed on the rest of the world, but it's quite hard to ignore it when he has to pick up my slack now.  He cracked up laughing the other night when I told him that the things I'm looking forward to the most when my wrists are fixed is being able to deep scrub the house, and reorganize things that need it.

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  1. Haha, maybe I should take a cue from you... I'm actually pretty close to being that obsessive about things, but I don't label things. I just keep putting things back wherever I decided the *right* place is a million times a day... Except times like now when I'm going absolutely CRAZY doing school stuff and I just know everything is falling to pieces at home but do not have time to address it - and the knowledge just adds to my stress level even if it doesn't add to my work load at the moment.