Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Flood! Maternal Fetal Appt.

Yesterday I had the first of many appointments in the next week.  I had to check back in with Dr. Barsoom.  I think this was my 8th or 9th ultrasound so far this pregnancy.  He recently had his office renovated and moved and this was the first time we've been to the new one.  It was a lot larger, and really nice.  All the rooms have huge flat screen T.V.'s so you can watch the ultrasound being performed instead of trying to look at the tiny little screen. It was really neat.  Charlie is doing great.  Still head down, which was a huge relief.  One of my biggest fears is that I'll need a c-section.  He's not a very active baby at all and moved a little but he was asleep most of the time.  Right at the end of the ultrasound we saw him stretch and yawn, which was absolutely amazing.  They tried to get a good shot of him in 3D, but since he's still so low the amniotic fluid is a little low near his face and makes it hard to get a good shot.  We ended up with about 10 more pictures to hang on our fridge.  Our fridge is completely covered with u/s pictures, it's crazy.  He is definitely still a boy, and there is no denying that.  It was quite crystal clear on the ultrasound!  He looks a lot like David and Chris's brother Cameron so far.  At least on the ultrasound he did.  Definitely has the Mizzell nose.  After the tech was done one of the two student techs with her asked if she could play around with the machine on me, I told her it didn't bother me any and she continued looking at him for 15 more minutes. After she left Dr. Barsoom came in and did his own ultrasound.  By the time he was done it was a good 45 minutes of laying on my back and when I sat up I felt my sciatic nerve had gone inflamed.  Sucks.  The rest of the appointment went well.  Dr. Barsoom said he'd send a letter to the surgeon telling him to go ahead and do the surgery while pregnant if thats what is holding him back.  He seemed taken back by the thought that the surgeries would all happen at the same time - which is exactly how Dr. Schropp my OB reacted - so at this point I'm thinking when/if they do the surgery it will be more than one surgery.  Dr. Barsoom strongly wants me to have an EKG to check my heart and make sure it's functioning well.  Some forms of EDS can come with heart issues, so it's important to get it checked every so often to create a baseline.  So I'm scheduled for that on Tuesday.  I go back to Dr. Barsoom in 4/5 weeks and that will be my last appt with him!

 Last night we gave all the kids baths.  David and Anastasia were taking a bath in the master bathroom, and Anthony was taking a shower in the other bathroom.  Since we live in a disability house the main bathroom is handicap accessible, which means that the shower in there is flush with the floor.  The two younger ones were splashing and getting a fair bit of water on our bathroom so I called to Chris to help me get them out of the tub.  He was walking down the hall towards the master bathroom and noticed the carpet was absolutely soaked along the wall to the main bathroom.  He called to me to check it out and we opened up the main bathroom floor to discover Anthony stepping out of the shower into a completely flooded bathroom.  I immediately looked at the toilet thinking it must have been clogged, but it wasn't.  Anthony began crying and repeating, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" over and over.  We asked him what happened and he said he clogged the drain with a towel.  Chris was just speechless and pretty angry and I was just dumbfounded.  We told Anthony to go dry up and get ready for bed while we began inspecting the damage.  There is a linen closet inside that bathroom that we keep all the blankets in, the whole bottom was soaked as were half a dozen blankets or so.  We don't keep much under the bathroom sink as it's a wheelchair accessible sink and therefore there is no bottom to the cabinet under there, but there were some extra rolls of toilet paper that were destroyed.  The water had climbed up the exterior wall and that's why the hallway was soaked.  Chris went and got the two youngest out of the tub while I began laying down towels to soak up the hallway and what I could get in the bathroom.  After we got all the kids ready for bed Chris asked me to go talk to Anthony because he was just too upset to do so at the moment. I went in and he was just distraught.  It was the first time I had ever seen him so upset for his own actions like that.  I asked him why he had clogged the drain and he told me he had wanted to go swimming.  I asked if he realized how much the water and messed up his bathroom and the hallway and he told me he understood and again told me he was sorry.  I actually felt bad for him because he was so upset but I told him that he wouldn't be allowed to stay up and read in bed that night.  He understood, I kissed him, tucked him in, and told him I loved him and turned the light off and left.  After I talked to Chris he calmed down and went to talk to Anthony himself.  They worked out that because we needed to spend so much of our night cleaning up this mess that when Anthony got home from school he would need to clean the playroom by himself and without complaining, Anthony agreed that this was appropriate.  This morning he was so happy to see his bathroom back in order and told us that when he got home he'd get the playroom cleaned super fast.  

Growing up I dealt with a lot of floods in my basement back in Maryland.  This was so minor compared to that.  I think this is why I wasn't as upset as Chris was about it but we both agreed that Anthony had to understand how badly he could have messed up our walls and carpet with flooding the bathroom on purpose.  I do have to say I'm proud that the both of us kept our heads about us, it's not always easy to do so when you have kids.

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