Monday, April 19, 2010

Already seeing a change

Mark Sisson, author of "The Primal Blueprint", claims that it won't take weeks or months to notice a change when you go primal, it will take only a matter of days.  I was quite skeptical.  My issues are not quite the issues of others.  I'm not the average American who just feels sluggish after a meal, or is carrying loads of extra weight.  I don't have diabetes, or celiac disease, or other dietary issues.  But I am a believer now.  Chris and I have been incorporating more primal meals into our diet, and phasing out other foods.  We are still cheating occasionally because we aren't going hardcore until after the birth.  I am feeling the carb shock I was expecting, but my wrists and elbow are doing loads better.  It's been 3 months or so since I've been able to reach my right hand to my face.  The past two days I've been able to not only touch my mouth with my thumb, but today I was able to touch the top of my head - something I can't remember doing.  I was actually able to eat breakfast with my dominant hand!  I didn't need my painkillers this afternoon for the first time in who knows when, either.  And then Chris and I cheated hardcore for dinner.  Within three hours I had excruciating pain in my wrists again, and my arm couldn't reach my face.  I didn't realize how great I felt until all of a sudden the pain had returned.  It may be a fluke, a weird coincidence, but I'm extremely eager to see if it does help with pain!  Tomorrow we plan to primal it up again! 

And for those who are interested in a delicious recipe, this salad I had for lunch and it was scrumptious!

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