Saturday, April 24, 2010

More NSTs

Yesterday I had another NST and another OB appt.  Charlie didn't want to cooperate this time, his heart rate was staying extremely consistent and he was hardly moving.  The nurse was having a really hard time even picking up his heartbeat - he must have been in a weird position. She had to press the monitor on me the whole time, as she couldn't get the band tight enough around me to hear his heartbeat. After a few minutes she gave me a large glass of ice water which is normally enough to get him moving a bit.  This time it did nothing.  So she gave me three mini chocolate bars which was way to much chocolate for me, but still he didn't perk up.  After half an hour she brought out a little electrical stimulation and started trying to shock him to move.  That didn't work either.  At the 45 minute mark he had his first heart acceleration, but that was the only one.  Fifteen minutes later she went to grab Dr. Schropp to see what he wanted to do.  He came in the room and asked if she had tried the electrical stimulation and she told him she had.  His response to that was, "weird", which did nothing to alleviate my fears.  He began telling me that we could do a Biophysical Profile on him if we wanted to, or we could come back in the morning and do another NST.  I asked him if I was still seeing him for my appt in a few minutes, and he said yes and we could discuss it more then.  He left and the nurse escorted me to the exam room to wait for him.  He came in and talked more about the NST.  He said that there was nothing super concerning on it, his heart rate was good it just wasn't accelerating the way it should.  He said if I wanted to we could do the Biophysical or we could just wait until the morning - and that it was whatever I was comfortable with.  I told him that if he felt it was fine to wait that we could wait as he was going to have me repeat the NST the next day regardless.  He did the cervical check and I'm 1-2 cm still and 50% effaced, but that my cervix has moved up even more - which is a really good thing.  He stripped my membranes with the hope that Charlie will come soon and we can avoid needing a medical induction for his less than stellar NST results.

My NST today was completely different.  Charlie passed within 10 minutes!  The nurse said my uterus was extremely aggravated though and asked if I was feeling the cramping.  I told her I had in the past few days but today it's been pretty non-existent.  She seemed mildly surprised and said I was showing uterine cramps every few moments. Huh.... maybe he is going to come soon!  Today I've hardly had any contractions at all, but that happens with each of my labors.  I have managed to get my house pretty much cleaned top to bottom and plan to finish the rest up here in just a few moments.  Any day now!

Belly Picture taken at 37 weeks even :) I'm up to 139/140 lbs now.  I had gotten up to 143 lbs but have lost 4 lbs in just the past few days.

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