Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just an example of my crazy mind

I've been told by professionals a few times that I may have OCD.  Not the stereotypical OCD - the obsessive cleaning kind - but one that has to do with numbers and things being equal.  It's gotten better over the years, when I was younger if I tapped one foot a certain number I'd have to tap the other foot a certain amount of times. It didn't have to be the exact number of times truthfully, it just had to feel equal.  The only time it gets bad now is when I'm under an extreme amount of stress.  Chris likes to bother me a lot about this and will tap two or three of my fingers and then walk off.  The other part is that I'm a crazy numbers person.  Things have to make sense numerically to me even if they make sense to no one else.  This drives Chris completely batty as I try to explain WHY things have to occur a certain way.  For example - my family's birthdays.  I can justify, in my own mind, why all of our birthdays work well together.  The whole pregnancy has thrown me off because I was trying to figure out how Charlie being due so far from the rest of our birthdays was going to fit in - but I have it figured out.  To me.

If Charlie is born in April we will have two April birthdays (as our puppy, Jovi, was born on the 19th), two August birthdays, two July birthdays, and then Chris in September, which still works out.

If he is born in May then we will have an April, May, June (Baby C was due in June), July, August, and September birthdays.

If he WAS born today (too late for that but I already worked it out in my head) his birthday would have been 4/27.  4+27=31. Both David and Anthony were born on the 31st of their months. Plus he'd be born on Tuesday - which Anthony and Anastasia were both Tuesday babies.

If he is born tomorrow his birthday will fall on the 28th, which my birthday is also on the 28th, plus he'd be born on Wednesday.  So we'd have Tuesday babies (Anthony and Anastasia), a Wednesday baby, and a Thursday baby (David).

If he is born on the 29th, it will fall the day after my numerical birthday, and we'd have two children born on Tuesday and two on Thursday.

If he is born on the 30th than all of our boys will be born on the last days of their months.

If he is born on the first than we'd have two children with the 31st as their birthday, and two with the first as their birthday.

I haven't figured past that point yet!

Like I said, I'm completely crazy, and it may not make ACTUAL sense but to me it makes perfect sense.

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  1. LMAO! I'm not obsessive about it and I don't HAVE to find things like this, but I do think about things in a similar way sometimes (sort of)... here's how I think of everyone's birthdays...

    Savannah was born on the 15th, which is 7+8, which is Alan's birthday 7/8.

    Felicity is the 2nd child so she was born on the 17th because 15 + 2 is 17. (15 because of Savannah's birthday again)

    Sam is the boy, so he's like little Alan or half-Alan so his birthday is 1/8, exactly half a year prior to Alan's birthday on 7/8.

    And my birthday is kind of out there, but it's the 27th and our wedding anniversary is also a 27th.

    Trust me, no matter what day he's born, you'll be able to find SOME way to make it make sense. :)