Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby update, first primal lunch

I had another OB/NST appt on Friday.  Luckily these were right after each other, unlike last week where I had them split by a few hours.  The NST didn't go so well this time.  Charlie wasn't in much of a cooperating mood.  He hardly moved and his heart rate was staying quite consistent instead of fluctuating.  They had me drink a tall glass of ice water, and when that didn't work I had to eat some more chocolate.  This time the chocolate wasn't very satisfying, it was way to sickly sweet.  After a while, though, it began to work and Charlie began doing what he was supposed to do.

At my OB appt the doctor wanted to check me again to see if there had been any change from last week - especially given my history of going quickly.  Last week my cervix was hard and closed, this week he said it was "extremely soft" and I'm dilated 1-2 cms.  He also commented that he's not sure how I walk since Charlies head was so low down, and that it's basically a waiting game at this point.  I've been having more contractions, that aren't Braxton Hicks any long, but nothing consistent or labor inducing.  On the NST monitor they were ranging in the 40 to 50 range.

I think I realized WHY this pregnancy is so much harder for me to walk.  My legs have severely atrophied from the EDS, and now I've lost my center of gravity and core.  So low muscle tone/weakness, and nothing else to keep me upright makes walking extremely difficult.  It's not painful, it just requires nearly all my strength to lift my leg and take a step. I've begun getting those, "You must be ready to pop!" comments when we are out in public.


Today we had our first Primal Lunch.  The boys scouts are doing a food drive so we boxed up all the non-perishables that we can no longer eat and donated them.  Later this week we'll be sending off the things we've opened as well as the frozen and refrigerated items to various friends.  The kids ate surprisingly well, and Chris and I are compiling meal lists of things we can eat to keep them interested.  Lunch is the most difficult as nearly all lunch items are non-primal.  Anyway...

The kids had a few blackberries, a strawberry, a hard boiled egg, some avocado, and some roast beef.

Chris and I had some blackberries, a strawberry, egg salad wrapped in lettuce (Chris also had Roast beef but I couldn't stomach it), and some avocado.  We could hardly eat it all and it kept us full for the rest of the evening.  Dinner was quite light.

 And because I can't resist, David napping.  He is so cute when he sleeps.  And for those other cloth lovers, that is a TK Cuddlers diaper cover with a prefold inside.


  1. Not a bad lunch. Okay, I have to ask, though. Do my eyes deceive me or are those paper plates??

    And to David: Aw. I vote for more pics of kids.

  2. Your eyes are correct. It's awful, I know. We still have paper plates left over from years ago and all our dishes were being run through the dishwasher. I feel awful for using them, lol.

  3. Lol, don't feel bad. ...I do feel really bad about that though. We've been using A LOT of paper plates, plastic utensils, all of it, while our kitchen has been out. For a while we pretty much really didn't have a choice because there was literally no where to wash them unless we took them to Alan's parent's house. The only place was the bathroom sink, which is just too small and didn't have a proper drain hooked up anyway. Now we do have the bathtub all hooked up, but it's still such a pain (and so time consuming) to drag the dishes upstairs to wash, then back down... anyway, we've been cheating a lot. I hope to put an end to that once school is done.