Saturday, April 24, 2010

House purge!

Even though I've already posted today, I couldn't help updating because I'm quite proud of myself!  Cleaning with EDS has been a constant struggle for me.  I love to clean, I love a clean house, however cleaning is something that is not easily done when your wrists are in a lot pain.  I've had to take painkillers today to accomplish this, but I am quite pleased that I have gotten so much done!  I made myself, and Chris, a to-do list and my list is completely done minus some homeschool lesson planning.  Chris's list is nearly done, but I know he'll complete it tonight.  Today I've managed to -

- Clean both bathrooms top to bottom
- Clean the kitchen top to bottom - twice
- Clean the living room deeply, dust the entertainment center, and declutter
- Declutter the dining room, finished hanging homeschooling posters
- Declutter our bedroom completely, moved all my sewing stuff to the appropriate shelves in the garage.
- Mini organized the office.  This is Chris's domain so I hesitate to touch much, but I did a bit of pruning :)
- Finished purging the pantry and snack shelf of all non-primal foods.  This is our third purge, and we still have on more to do.  The first purge went to the boyscouts, the second to Sandra, and this one is heading up to the squadron.  We have gotten rid of over 30 bags of food.... it's quite disgusting to me that we had so much and others have so little.
- Reorganized the CDs that David loves to take out and dismantle
- Cleaned the laundry room

The kids cleaned the playroom up, and straightened their rooms.

Chris has vacuumed, folded and hung all the laundry and put most of it away, he's mopping the house now, and then he just needs to do the dishes and put the bags of food in his car. He also has to connect the co-sleeper to our bed (we use it as a guard rail, Charlie sleeps in our bed), and put the sheets on it. I may also clean out the master bedroom closet and toss the maternity clothes into the basket so that we can easily restore them once Charlie is here.  My house looks so nice and tidy! It makes my mind so much calmer.  Chris says he's going to be angry with me if I go into labor today or tomorrow - he thinks my neurotic self has prevented labor from coming because I wasn't happy with the house.


  1. I came across your blog while browsing my "labor" symptoms --- I've enjoyed reading it! I assume you had that baby already? I'm due May 6, but have been having BH contractions since Friday night about 5 - 30 mins apart most of the time. Hopefully we have our babies anytime now - best wishes!

  2. Nope, still pregnant! lol! The doctors keep telling me any time now, but so far Charlie is staying put. Hopefully you'll have your baby soon :) Good luck!

  3. I need to do a post-semester clean/purge the week after next! It will be joyous.