Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Charlie update

Each of my pregnancies have been so vastly different from each other, and this one is so far my most uncomfortable.

With Anthony everything was so new and exciting.  I didn't have any other children to care for, so when I wanted to nap I could, if I felt sick I could relax.  It was awesome.  His pregnancy was difficult because I started out at a much heavier weight than is my normal now, I was 126 lbs when I got pregnant. I also got up to my highest weight in my life, 151 lbs, by the time I delivered him.  Throughout the pregnancy I had extreme morning sickness, every day, without let up.  But even still, I worked my whole pregnancy - sometimes at 2 jobs.  I had jobs that were physically demanding - working at a daycare, and at a restaurant.  I had enormous bouts of energy, and was crazy excited at impending motherhood.  Even though he was born 5 weeks early and I had a placental abruption the recovery was still pretty easy.

With Anastasia I started out at 117 lbs and delivered at 147 lbs.  So even though I gained more that pregnancy I still delivered at a lower weight.  Her pregnancy was absolutely perfect.  I had a ton of energy, I felt amazing, Anthony was a pretty easy going toddler to care for.  I delivered her at 39 weeks, the farthest I've ever gone in pregnancy.  I had no complications during the pregnancy or afterwards.  Her labor was my longest, at 7 hours, but it was the easiest and most calm as well.  The only complaint I have is I ended up with severe post partum depression that lasted heavily for 6 months and continued on through her first year.

With David I started my weight out at 113 lbs and delivered him at 145 lbs. His pregnancy also was harsh with morning sickness and I was placed on medication to help keep food down.  Luckily it stopped during the second trimester and the rest of the pregnancy was semi-smooth sailing.  At 24 weeks and again at 32 weeks I went into preterm labor with him and had to have it medicinally stopped.  Towards the end of the pregnancy I developed sciatica, but it was more a nuisance than an issue.  at 37 weeks 6 days I delivered him after a planned natural birth that lasted a mere 2 hours.  The birth was absolutely awful, and it's something I've struggled to come to terms with.  Why was MY labor so much more unbearable than these amazing natural childbirth stories that people I know have had?  I actually ended up with PTSD and would wake up sweating from nightmares I had of it.  It's only later I learned that people with EDS shouldn't have natural childbirths because they can be more traumatic than a normal persons.  I still mourn his delivery and future deliveries knowing I'll never get my waterbirth or homebirth now.  His recovery was pretty awful.  I felt as if my pelvis had twisted and had issues walking for a few weeks afterwards.  Now I'm learning that may have been SPD.  Only 6 weeks after he was born did I lose the ability to walk, and since then I've lost the use of my arms (but regained my legs!)

This pregnancy began at the same weight as Davids, 113 lbs.  I'm currently up to 141 lbs.  I've been heavier than I am now, but I FEEL at my heaviest.  It's very difficult for me to walk, or sit or lie comfortably.  My energy is at an absolute zero.  Some days it's a struggle to get up out of bed, not only physically but mentally as well.  Yesterday I had to fill a prescription for Chris at Walgreens and walking across the store was nearly impossible.  It's almost like this time around my smaller-than-average frame size is not coping with the nearly 30 lbs of weight I've gained.  I had my last Peri appt yesterday.  He's looking great.  Still engaged and ready to come out, but sitting content it seems.  His hands and feet were both thrown up in front of his face, but we did see his lips and nose.  It appears he has Anastasia's fat pouty lips :) They estimate his weight to be 5 lbs 15 oz, but it could be off 12 oz either way.  I'm hoping it is, the smaller way.  My largest baby was Anastasia at 6 lbs 5.6 oz.  Both of my boys were 5 lbs 13 and 5 lbs 14 oz respectively.  It seems my body can't birth a much larger baby so it tends to push them out when they hit that weight.  So this means Charlie could be coming soon, which I'd like him to bake at least another week or two, so I'm hoping his weight is off in the smaller direction.  Either way, I'll be quite happy when he arrives, I can get my weight back down, I can have my surgeries, and hopefully end up in a much healthier state - both mentally and physically.

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  1. Man, don't you get wistful every time for what it was like that first time when you actually got to nap? I hope David stays in a bit longer, so he's totally ready. Going through the NICU thing with Sam was the hardest thing I've ever done. Hope you have an easy labor and recovery whenever he decides to make his appearance! (Tell him I said he should come on April 23 so he can share his birthday with Shakespeare!)