Monday, January 11, 2010

Date Night and MRI.

Last Thursday I had my MRI done.  It nearly didn't happen twice. A radiology tech came out to talk to me and heavily tried to talk me out of having the MRI done since I'm pregnant. I understand the reserve, it's not like I'm itching to get it done, but both of my OB's and my PCM assured me it was safe.  Without this MRI we have no idea how bad my elbow is.  I had to sign a few consent papers and then we went down to the MRI truck.  To do an MRI on your elbow you have to lay on your stomach, which wasn't going to be fun - but I'd manage.  However, my arm doesn't straighten and it took quite a while trying to figure out how to fit it into the machined.  At one point they were talking about canceling, but when I asked what my other options for finding out the damage - and learning there were none - we managed to maneuver me into a position that would allow my arm to fit.  It required me sort of laying on my stomach with my arm over my head, and my shoulder slightly dislocated but we managed to get it done. My face was so close to the side of the machine I could have licked it, so I just closed my eyes and tried to pretend I was somewhere else.  I should be getting the results soon.  I'm hoping its correctable by surgery.  If surgery is a possibility I'm going to have them MRI my wrists and see if that needs surgery at the same time.

On Saturday Chris and I had a rare date night out by ourselves.  The last time we were able to go out without any kids was to see, "The Dark Knight" before David was born - so it's been about 18 months.  Kenny offered to watch the kids so Chris and I went to see "The Imaganirum of Doctor Parnassus". I really enjoyed it but it's not a movie I think too many will enjoy. Gilliam is definitely in his own world and you really need to appreciate that kind of personality to enjoy the movie.  Afterwards we went to Genji Japanese Steak House which was absolutely delicious.  It was so nice getting out with just Chris. We plan on doing it one more time before Charlie gets here (Bon Jovi concert!).  Once Charlie comes I won't be able to go out until he's at least a year old.

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  1. I hope the MRI gives you some answers, it sounds like it was incredibly awkward to get it!

    I'm glad you got a date night! You deserve it, and I'm sure it was refreshing. :)