Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well it's official.

After nursing for 3.5 years straight, 18 months of nursing two kids at the same time, my nursing days are over (for now).  David has not been impressed by the lack of milk brought on by the pregnancy, and Anastasia is fully embracing leaving babydom behind.  She tells me that nursies are for baby Charlie now - although occasionally she still talks about them as if she still gets nursies.  She hasn't asked in a week, and David hasn't asked in three weeks.  We always joked that David would wean before she did, I just never thought it would be so soon.  In three more months or so I will resume my nursing status with my newest son but it's still bittersweet to end that relationship with two more of my children.  It's a relationship that once ended will never be repeated again.  One day, I hope, Anastasia will continue by nursing her own children but David and Anthony will never experience those incredibly sweet moments where it's just you and the baby, they'll never experience that pride that comes from having your infant weighed and knowing that the weight put on was because your body did was it was supposed to do.  For my boys the nursing journey is completely over, I only hope that they'll be sweet and supportive of their wives when the time comes.  For my daughter OUR nursing relationship is over but hopefully her journey in breastfeeding is just in hiatus.


  1. That is a really sweet way of thinking about it with Anastasia. She will definitely have someone to come to for advice about it!

  2. :)

    I really hope that Cecilia will do the same and have those special moments with her children when she gets older. It is a wonderful relationship that I wish more women would experience.